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We are delighted

to get you started on this journey

Please schedule a demo or send us a message via our contact us form.

Call us at +1-828-676-2240 (operational from 9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday)

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We are delighted

to get you started on this journey

Please schedule a demo or send us a message via our contact us form.

Call us at +1-828-676-2240 (operational from 9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday)

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We get a lot of fan mail

  • David, S

    Boca Raton, FL

    "Since I used Play Attention, my relationship with my patients has changed. I listen with more focus and attention, therefore my consultations are shorter and I can see more patients. My relationship with my own children and friends also changed. I am more at peace and calmer within myself, and now I enjoy their company more. Play Attention did change my life and I am very grateful.”

  • Diana K.

    New York, NY

    I am a clinician and have used Play Attention with some of my clients with excellent results. One of my patients, a 72 year old medical Dr., continuously refers to Play Attention as, ”The best intervention he ever received”.

  • Brian S.

    Toronto, ON

    It's like putting on glasses for the first time and seeing the world clearly in a new light. I thought I grew up knowing what focus was, but it really wasn't focusing at all. As an adult finally learning how to pay attention, it's so exciting to learn and apply a new 'focus' to all the things I love in life!

  • Paul S.

    London, UK

    The results were noticeable after a few weeks as I started to understand what focussing really meant. I was able to apply my new abilities to real-world situations and saw differences in my career as well as in my personal life.

  • Steve H.

    Arden, NC

    My only regret is that I did not find out about Play Attention sooner. I have lived my life challenged by my ADHD issues. Now, I have a tool that gives me immediate positive feedback so that I can and do train myself weekly to live my life with less stress and be a better person.

  • Debbie S.

    Bradenton, FL

    I am grateful to my Play Attention Coach as he has been a great support in addressing ways to strengthen my focus, memory, distractions and answered my questions. I am happy to report that I Passed my clinical EXAM to become a licensed Clinical Social Worker. “Wow.” I said, “I Passed. I really Passed, I did it!” Thank you, Play Attention.

  • Ben E.

    Peoria, IL

    Play Attention has exceeded my expectations. After using Play Attention for a couple of months, I noticed measurable improvements in my energy and the length of time I could focus. At work I am now able to ignore background noises like music or loud voices and focus on my clients. And I can maintain that level of focus for much longer periods of time. Not only that, but I am enrolled at a university in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree that I had given up hope that I could attain. Give Play Attention a try. You won’t regret it!

  • Theresa S.

    Del Mar, CA

    After using Play Attention, my son can stay on tasks for longer periods. His marks [grades] have improved. His teacher just told me that he is able to collaborate and have some friends. He plays with them which was a shock to me. He never loved to play with others. He is also much happier than before. Overall, lots of improvements.

  • John N.

    Kenosha, WI

    Overtime, I realized that my inability to focus was the cause of my poor performance in the games. I worked hard to get control of my attention, and I started succeeding at the games. I will keep putting in the time doing Play Attention because I know it will help me succeed in life.

  • Julie G.

    Alpine, UT

    I am so grateful that Play Attention has played such a huge role in my getting my relationship back with my daughter; that was not on my radar as an outcome.

  • Jessica R.

    Dallas, TX

    Thank you Play Attention for this wonderful invention that makes it fun for our son to learn to focus.

    We are so glad we found Play Attention. We were looking for an alternative to prescription pills for our teenage son to help him stay focused. He was diagnosed with ADHD and needed help. This was the help he needed.

  • Julie C.

    St. Philip, Barbados

    We definitely started to see an improvement after a few short weeks. The aide that went to school with him noticed it in the classroom. I noticed it at home when he was doing homework! Thank you, Play Attention, for helping us to train his Superpower for the good of Jordan!

  • Christy L.

    Waukegan, IL

    My son has been able to focus better during his class periods and concentrate on finishing homework assignments in less time. He is retaining more of the information that he is learning - and he has made the A honor roll twice this year already! He is encouraged to see his name on the wall with all the other students, knowing all the hard work, time and effort that he has put into getting there.

  • Claudia M.

    Seattle, WA

    Sophia likes the immediate feedback and feels great pride in a really good score. The teachers have noticed that she is more focused and stays on task. Recently, her teacher said that she was the only one in her class to raise her hand and answer the question correctly after they had read a chapter. This made her so happy.

  • Jill R.

    Billings, MT

    If you are considering Play Attention, do not have any doubt. You would make the best investment for your child for their life. You would be saving a lot of trials and tribulations for yourself and your child. They would be saved from having to take medications. They would be saved from character change that would be brought about by a sense of failure, due to no fault of their own. You would have a better and easy relationship with your child.

  • Rebecca M.

    Schaumburg, IL

    Well, not only is Thomas doing very well, but he loves middle school! He is remembering to bring things home and take them back without reminders. His teachers have no concerns, and he gets his homework done right away on his own. Thank you Play Attention!

  • Paola

    Mother of Pablo

    I am pleased to have found a way to treat ADHD that addresses its causes instead of merely temporarily masking its symptoms. For our family, Play Attention is an essential component of a holistic approach to ADHD.

  • Rushell K.

    Keller, TX

    The first day of school, her teacher came up to me and said, “Wow, I can see a HUGE difference in Katelyn this year! She’s paying attention, she’s focused, and she’s participating in class. She’s doing very well, and I’m so proud of her!” That’s when I knew without a doubt that Play Attention really does what they say it will.

We get a lot of fan mail

We get a lot of fan mail