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the best tools

Play Attention combines NASA inspired brain monitoring technology with a vast toolkit that addresses everything from cognitive development to self-regulation to provide you a complete, individualized solution.

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backed by research

Tufts University School of Medicine funded by the US Department of Education found Play Attention improved attention, executive function, academic performance and behavioral control of ADHD students.

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lifetime support

You are assigned a personal executive function coach who will support you every step along your path and guide you with an individualized program that fits your needs.

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We help Kids, teens and adults

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Let's discuss how we take attributes like hyper-focus, high energy, creative thinking, strong emotions, and risk taking and harness them. Take control of life and improve future outcomes at school, work, and home. 

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We will provide a full evaluation to determine current attentional control and executive function.

We use this information to develop a comprehensive, customized program.

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Develop your super powers

You are assigned a Personal Executive Function Coach to customize your profile, teach you how to conduct your sessions, evaluate progress, and determine graduation time. We are at your side every step of the way.

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For any sales and ordering questions call:
828-676-2240  | M-F from 9 AM - 6 PM EDT (−5 GMT)

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