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What is Play Attention?

Play Attention is the world’s indisputable #1 learning system to improve attention, behavior, and cognitive function for ADHD children and adults.  To avoid any confusion about anything else out there, let’s clear this up:

There are many “cognitive games” that say they will make your brain better because of “neuroplasticity.” Seems like they’re all over TV nowadays. That’s called cognitive training. Here’s what  independent research from Tufts University School of Medicine determined:

  • Cognitive training did not produce any significant changes in ADHD students. Play Attention made significant changes in that same study.
  • Students who underwent brain training games (cognitive training) required increases in medication. Play Attention students did not.
  • Play Attention students maintained their significant gains even after the researchers came back 6 months later to test them once again.

Why is it so different?

Let’s say your ADHD child sits in front of a computer screen to play brain games.  How much attention is he paying to those games? You know the answer: Not much. So, play all those games you want, your child isn’t going to get much out of them.

Greater attention = greater learning. Play Attention has an armband that measures brain activity indicative of attention. Your child can activate our great cognitive games by applying full attention to get started.  Then using this same technology, they can actually move game characters by mind/attention alone.  If they lose attention, the game will stop until they fully apply themselves again. So, cognitive games + Play Attention’s attention monitor = huge differences in success. So much so, that we’ve 5 patents on the process and three independent randomized, controlled studies to back this up. We’ve even programmed artificial intelligence in Play Attention to help you while you train. See the video:

We have helped many thousands of people with attention problems change their lives. Play Attention was developed by a teacher who faced the same struggles you’re facing right now.  Inspired by NASA technology, Play Attention uses powerful advancements of neurofeedback technology that allow you to control the computer by mind/attention alone.  This technology strengthens your mind so you control your mind, it doesn’t control you. Play Attention is used globally  in more schools and homes than any other educational, cognitive, and behavioral program. Find out what everyone else already knows. Call 800.788.6786.

Attention problems are only the tip of the iceberg.  Better attention, we’ve got that covered. Ignore distractions? We’ve got that covered too.  Develop memory skills, finish tasks, and become organized? Just  call 800.788.6786 right now.

Give us a few moments of your time and we’ll change your mind. Literally. Play Attention will help you acquire the skills necessary for success at school or work, improved self-esteem, and a happier life at home.  Your teachers will thank you. Your parents will thank you. Your spouse will thank you. Your employer will thank you. Your brain will thank you.  Using Play Attention will be one of the most profound decisions you’ll make in your lifetime.   Watch video.

How does Play Attention work?
When you are actively engaged or paying attention, the brain emits a signal – an attention signature. The BodyWave armband used in Play Attention (see TIME magazine and Popular Science) monitors this signal through the body and transmits it wirelessly to the computer. This allows you to control our computer exercises by mind alone! Attention is now concrete and controllable. Play Attention is brain exercise with a kick! Your brain only stronger and more powerful.

Brain exercise or cognitive exercise is like physical exercise: anyone can benefit, regardless of age, gender, profession, or educational background. Play Attention has been used in many thousands of homes, by schools, learning centers, doctors’ offices, psychologists’ offices, Olympic teams, universities, and traumatic brain injury hospitals since 1994. We’ve been here longer, have a far deeper wealth of experience, and offer more support than virtually anyone else in this industry.

Can I see a live demonstration?
Every week, we offer a free online webinar. Our CEO and founder, Peter Freer, conducts a lively and informative presentation and encourages the online audience to interact freely during the discussion. Our free webinar is your opportunity to see Play Attention live on your desktop PC, and to get answers to your most difficult questions from an ADHD expert. Register now.

How do I use Play Attention?
You’ll need a personal computer – we’ll supply everything else. Play Attention can be used in the comfort of your home one hour per week. You’ll receive free live telephone training from a Master’s degree educator who remains your personal Attention Genius. Your Attention Genius will guide you toward success. Play Attention is not only the most affordable and powerful training program available – it also includes a team of caring, nurturing professionals who assist you every step of the way. You’re not alone anymore.

Make life long changes. Invest a few minutes today, and we’ll change your mind. Literally.

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