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Success Stories

Thank you Play Attention. You’ve really made a difference in my life.

success jessicaHi, My name is Jessica. I’m 36, and I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Adult ADHD.

My memory was shot. I’d struggle to remember my cousins’ names.

I can hold down a job only with 4 – 5 alarms set in intervals to make sure I stick to time and leave on time with another set 10mins before entering work in case I got sidetracked in the process of leaving my car to walking in!

When I first started the Play Attention I couldn’t even do 2 mins on the Attention Stamina game without extreme nausea as I wear contacts. My Coach Mike encouraged me to wear my glasses instead. We thought the nausea was from my brain overworking trying to focus, and now a few months on, I can finally complete a entire game in my contacts. (I had no nausea in my glasses)...

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I’m happy to report that eight months of use have shown some very good results.

sucess storyAs an ADHD Coach who specializes in Adult Clients with ADHD I was cautiously optimistic about the Play Attention program at first. I have always believed in Biofeedback as a great way to monitor and substantiate results, though some techniques seem more gimmicky than scientific. Not every ‘solution’ that uses technology is scientific.

I can say that Play Attention didn’t promise a solution. Instead, they talked about enhancement and improvement. Knowing ADHD, and that there isn’t a...

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I am 27 years old and have struggled with a short attention span and low energy my entire life.

benBecause of my lack of energy, I often passed up opportunities to do activities with my friends, and I was terrified to pursue academics because they were simply too mentally demanding. I did not feel like a kid, I felt like a failure.

As an adult, I struggled so hard to focus for even a short amount of time on what someone was saying. Receiving simple instructions from my boss was like being given a puzzle to solve. And my energy level would drop off almost as soon as I began work because of the...

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IMG 6105Our daughter began to struggle with school for the first time when she entered middle school in the 6th Grade; some children do not cope well handling the many changes that come with this transition. She lost her ability to focus long enough to complete the majority of her homework, unless it was art or another class she loved: she would work on these assignments for way too long, using up any precious time that could be used for needed work elsewhere.

Math, science, and English were on the...

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The first day of school, her teacher came up to me and said, “Wow, I can see a HUGE difference in Katelyn this year!"

katelyn 2019We came across Play Attention last year for my daughter, Katelyn. We’ve been homeschooling for 5 years, and I noticed that she had some cognitive issues, as well as significant trouble focusing when we were doing school work. I thought she might have ADD or ADHD, like her older brother and me. When I would try to show or teach her something, her eyes would wander, and she would often bring up things that had nothing to do with the lesson, such as asking when she would get to play her favorite...

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