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Success Stories

I am a clinician and have used Play Attention with some of my clients with excellent results

Diana KaplanI am a clinician and have used Play Attention with some of my clients with excellent results. My clients are adults up to 82 years of age.

One of my patients, a 72 year old medical Dr., continuously refers to Play Attention as, ”The best intervention he ever received”. In his own words, "Since I used Play Attention, my relationship with my patients has changed. I listen with more focus and attention, therefore my consultations are shorter and I can see more patients. My relationship with my own children and friends also changed. I am more at peace and calmer within myself, and now I enjoy their company more. Play Attention did change my life and I am very grateful.”

Another of my clients, a 56 year old male, was experiencing memory fog...

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After 4 weeks I started noticing some positive improvements

JimGThese letters were received from a husband and wife using Play Attention with one of our professionals. We were so touched and excited to hear about Jim's progress with Play Attention after a series of strokes had caused him to experience cognitive impairment.

Letter from Carolyn:

In 2020, my husband had two separate strokes which affected his brain. He had memory lapses, confusion and also cognitive hearing problems. While getting his diagnosis and going through additional testing, I spoke...

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Thank you Play Attention. You’ve really made a difference in my life.

success jessicaHi, My name is Jessica. I’m 36, and I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Adult ADHD.

My memory was shot. I’d struggle to remember my cousins’ names.

I can hold down a job only with 4 – 5 alarms set in intervals to make sure I stick to time and leave on time with another set 10mins before entering work in case I got sidetracked in the process of leaving my car to walking in!

When I first started the Play Attention I couldn’t even do 2 mins on the Attention Stamina game without extreme nausea as I...

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Play Attention made a huge change in my son’s life and myself.

success28 09Two years ago, my son was diagnosed with ADHD. I was finally able to connect his problems to something. Before his diagnosis, I always blamed myself for not being a good parent.

Before I learned about Play Attention, I spent thousands of dollars to purchase Neurofeedback sessions for my son to try to give him a better capability to do his daily tasks. 60 sessions of Neurofeedback plus the diagnosis and reporting cost me more than $12000. I had to take out a loan that took 1.5 year for me to...

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I’m happy to report that eight months of use have shown some very good results.

sucess storyAs an ADHD Coach who specializes in Adult Clients with ADHD I was cautiously optimistic about the Play Attention program at first. I have always believed in Biofeedback as a great way to monitor and substantiate results, though some techniques seem more gimmicky than scientific. Not every ‘solution’ that uses technology is scientific.

I can say that Play Attention didn’t promise a solution. Instead, they talked about enhancement and improvement. Knowing ADHD, and that there isn’t a...

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