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Clinical Studies

Play Attention is the only neurocognitive system to have randomized, controlled studies funded by the US Department of Education and performed by a prestigious medical school.  The articles below have truly excellent outcomes and are published in peer reviewed journals.

The Journal Pediatrics (PEDIATRICS Volume 133, Number 3, March 2014)

This peer reviewed journal discusses a six month follow up review of a study performed on Play Attention by the prestigious Tufts School...

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What is it?

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Play Attention is a customized program that integrates NASA inspired technology with cognitive skill training and behavior shaping to improve executive function and self-regulation.We take attributes like hyperfocus, high energy, creative thinking, strong emotions, and risk-taking and harness them to take control of life. They become your superpowers to improve future outcomes at school, work, and home.

Why is it so different?

Play Attention has been improving lives...

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Answers: General Questions

How is Play Attention different from regular video games?

Parents frequently find that their child can play commercial video games for hours without being distracted. This is because the graphics inherent in these games are incredibly over-stimulating. Any child can pay attention to a three ring circus - even one with ADD or AD/HD. However, it is impossible for a classroom teacher, even in her best lesson, to be as stimulating. The learning process, whether it occurs in the classroom, home...

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Answers: Health Questions

Does my child have to be diagnosed ADD/ADHD?

No. Play Attention can work for anyone who wishes to improve attention.

Can my child/student be on medication and use Play Attention?

Play Attention is an educational learning tool that teaches the skills that medication cannot teach. It is not meant as a substitute for medication. Consult your physician about medical issues.

Can I take my child off medication after he/she has used Play Attention?

Any medical decisions should be made by you and...

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