Executive Function 101 Course


There will be a live meeting every Monday at 1:00 PM ET to provide encouragement for the week, announce the new Brain Boost Challenge, and award the previous week’s winner!

Meetings will be held and on Zoom and Facebook Live.

Each activity will be posted under a specific category so you will easily identify the activity objective.

Executive Function Activity Categories:

  • Sustained Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Organization (planning/prioritizing)
  • Time Management
  • Impulse Control
  • Flexible Thinking

Activities are designed to:

  • Improve Executive Function
  • Supplement Existing School Lessons
  • Allow You to Work at Your Own Pace
  • Accommodate All Age Levels
  • Provide Fun & Engaging Learning Experiences
  • Be completed independently or as a family
  • Complement Your Customized Play Attention Program (Applies if you are a current Play Attention client)

The new activities will be posted every Saturday to give you time to plan your upcoming week.

introduction video