ADHD and Perfectionism

perfectIt may be difficult to comprehend that ADHD and perfectionism can go hand in hand.  However, a recent article by Psych Central, ADHD With a Side of Perfectionism, discusses how the two can not only be found together, but the combinations can also be debilitating. Petersen states in his article, “What makes ADHD and perfectionism a disastrous duo is that perfectionism can exacerbate many negative side effects of ADHD symptoms.” He lists some common symptoms of ADHD that may include;

  • Taking...
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3 solutions that solve math difficulties for children with ADHD

2018 12 27Math can be complicated for many students, it requires the ability to break problems down, conduct operations in your head, and sometimes requires the answer to be given in a specific amount of time. This is even more difficult for children with ADHD; they often lack the executive function skills that allow them to sustain their memory, apply reasoning, task switch, and plan ahead. In addition, sometimes math tasks or tests in school are timed.  With all of these factors, it is...

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Activity 2 for Teens: Music & Dance

acoustic guitar 15598 640Play Attention improves the cognitive skills that lay the foundation for strong Executive Functioning, but many of our clients would like to know other activities they can do outside of their Play Attention sessions to improve cognitive skills even more.  In the coming weeks, we'll be giving specific examples of such activities divided into age category.  This week, we're going to talk about teens:
Activity 2 for Teens: Organized Musical/Artistic Expression
Areas developed...
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Ketogenic Diet may reduce ADHD symptoms

BrainFood SMThe Ketogenic diet is very low in carbohydrates and high in fats. Most ADHD diets tell you to increase healthy fats and protein and reduce refined carbohydrates which can regulate blood sugar. This can also reduce mood swings and improve attention. recently published an article reviewing whether the Keto diet should be considered for ADHD.

According to, the Keto diet has been used to reduce epileptic seizures in children since the 1920s. Scientists suggest that...

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