Impulsive Behaviors and ADHD

Many children with ADHD also suffer from behavioral issues such as tantrums, outburst, and defiance.

Caroline Miller wrote an article in Child Mind Institute, ADHD and Behavioral Problems.  This article reviews why these behavioral issues are so common and provides tips and tantrumstrategies that may help.

Individuals who have ADHD or attention difficulties, often suffer from weak executive function. Executive function includes mental functions that allow us to plan, prioritize, organize, avoid...

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Is it AHD or Slow Processing Speed?


Slow Processing Speed (SPS) is the time it takes for individuals to take in information, process it, and respond. The information processed can be visual, verbal, or motor. In the article Slow Processing Speed: Signs & Solutions for a Misunderstood Deficit, Dr. Ellen Braaten discusses the difference between SPS and ADHD symptoms.  She also provides tips on how to cope and manage at home.

Dr. Braaten was studying children with ADHD and/or other learning developmental...

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Avoid Summer Vacation Cognitive Loss

shutterstock 104366477Summer vacation means sleeping late, staying up late, and doing very little except enjoying time out of school. However, did you know that the average student loses one to three months math and reading gains made over the prior year? Academic losses are so common among students that educators have given the phenomena a name: Summer Brain Drain. This makes starting the following school year difficult. 

Summer Brain Drain may even be worse for ADHD students already having trouble at...

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Did Cookie Monster have ADHD?

Poor diet & ADHD. Is there a link?


Is it possible that a poor diet can cause ADHD? The short answer seems to be, no. However, recent cookie monster 2results from a study featured at showed that children with ADHD are more likely to have a poor diet. 


The article states, “Researchers found that more ADHD symptoms at age 6 years were associated with a lower diet quality score at age 8 years. However, diet quality at age 8 years was not associated with ADHD...

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