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ADHD Friendship Destroyer

lonely childSocial skills and building relationships can be a challenge for children and adults with ADHD.  Issues with social skills usually stem from the inability to pay attention to social cues that others take for granted. They also are challenged with impulsivity that leads to a multitude of difficulties, from hurting someone’s feelings unintentionally to acting out in a physical manner.  These challenges can cause turmoil in the school, home, and workplace. 

ADDitude magazine discusses how the lack of executive function can have a negative impact on social skills.

How ADHD’s Executive Dysfunctions Impact Behavior

"Certainly there are times when a child seems stubborn or selfish, but neuroscience suggests that it is a lack of skills, specifically the brain-based “executive function” skills, that hold him back — not willfulness or laziness. Executive function is the brain’s hub of skills — memory, organization, planning, self-regulation, and the ability to modify our behavior in response to others.

The conversation about ADHD and executive function skills most often focuses on academic skills. What’s missing, however, is recognition of how executive function affects social behavior. Social challenges are often traced back to underlying ADHD. Read on to learn how — and then, the next time your child’s behavior frustrates or baffles you, remind yourself: If he could, he would."

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The good news is that social skills can be learned. With practice, these skills will become lasting and lead to successful peer relationships. We have an app for that! Our social skills module is specifically designed to help you learn how to pay attention to social cues and respond appropriately.  Call 800-788-6786 to learn more. Or click here to schedule a free professional consult and let us develop a fully customized plan for you!