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Tips for Dealing With the Isolation of Working From Home

Many people are adjusting to their new normal because of Covid19. Businesses are having employees work from home, bars and restaurants are being limited to take out only, and social distancing is being implemented to help protect everyone’s well being. Some people will adjust to these new social limitations easily, but others are going to have a more difficult adjusting period.

Depression is commonly comorbid with ADHD and affects many people across the world. Social interactions with friends and coworkers often help those with depression get through the day, but now social distancing requires adjustment to working from home and not being with people face to face. Check out these great tips to fight depression and isolation while you are at home, and check out for online therapy options! Remember there are many of us here to help and support you.

Speak to a Professional Online: If you are having a hard time or know someone who does not do well with isolation, consider the option of online therapy. There are many ways to connect with a licensed professional that will be able to help you during the rough times of feeling alone and depressed. There are many different plans and options to fit one’s individual needs. Your mental health is important, take the proper steps to get the help that you need!

Facetime/Conference Your Friends: While you may be forced to stay at home, your friends and family are only a phone call away. Schedule group calls and conference facetime to stay in touch and enjoy other people’s company. You can play a board game or even schedule watching a movie together from the comfort and safety of your own home. There are many different activities that you can do as a group from a distance from trivia to cooking meals. Get creative and see what you can come up with your family and friends!

Limit Time On Social Media: Social media can take control of our lives if we allow it. We are sometimes overstimulated with negative pictures and news stories. It can be hard to feel centered and appreciate the good things around you. Schedule some time in your day to take a break from electronics and just be in the now. Focus on your inner feelings, goals, ambitions and start formulating a plan that will help you achieve them. Social media allows us to be a part of so many other people’s lives, but it's also important to take the time to appreciate, develop, and love your own life.

Positive Reinforcement: It can be easy for those with ADHD to slip into a pattern of negative thinking. It becomes easy to focus on the bad, and we tend to ignore all the good. While you are at home, practice positive thinking. Schedule time throughout the day where you write down 3 things that are positive in your life or that make you happy. Studies have shown that positive thinking can lower stress levels, boost our immune system, and lower rates of depression. Start getting into the habit of seeing the silver lining and start seeing how your days and mood improve!

Depression and emotional regulation are serious issues. If you or your child are experiencing any symptoms of depression or anxiety from the recent changes, please speak to your doctor or a licensed professional. There are many different platforms to be able to find the proper help that you need.

Play Attention is here to help by releasing helpful tips and webinars through our website and social media platforms. We are also posting daily activities to help strengthen your executive function. If you would like to take this time to focus on your own personal development, give us a call and schedule your 1 : 1 consultation 800-788-6786. We will chat with you about your particular strengths and weaknesses and customize an executive training plan for you. You can also schedule your consultation here.

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