Stay Super This Holiday Season!

Welcome to your Holiday Survival Guide! Over the next couple of months, we will be sharing tips and recipes to help you survive this holiday season. You have been working hard all year, and we want you to finish the year strong as you gear up for the New Year. Having a healthy diet and staying active will help improve your brain function, and help you be your best self this Holiday season! Super Foods 1


The Thanksgiving feeding frenzy is coming. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and more will soon be upon us. This Thanksgiving dinner, don’t just make room for dessert, make room to make your holidays super! By using superfoods in your recipes, you can help control your ADHD symptoms and optimize your brain function. Check out Attitude Magazine and below for some healthy tips! 


Stay Away from Sugars, Artificial Dyes, and Preservatives

Planning a Thanksgiving dinner is no easy task. Everyone has that “must-have” food dish that they have been craving for since January, and it must be cooked by that one specific person. We want you to keep your Thanksgiving special, but try adding new alternatives this year to encourage healthy eating habits. When you are planning out your menu, try to avoid sugars, artificial dyes, and preservatives. Foods that contain a lot of sugars, dyes, and preservatives can cause you or your child to be hyperactive. Watch out for labels that contain the following:

  1. High-fructose corn sweetener 
  2. Dehydrated cane juice 
  3. Dextrose
  4. Maltodextrin
  5. Sucrose

Try incorporating foods that have low glycemic levels. Foods like fruits, chickpeas, and green vegetables help lower blood glucose levels, decrease those sugar cravings, and help you maintain focus. 

Protein Power:

Protein plays an important role in the brain’s ability to function. It helps regulate your blood sugar, helps increase focus, and is an essential foundation for overall brain health. There are plenty of great sources to get your protein. You can consume fish, turkey, raw nuts, broccoli, or even spinach. Pay close attention to your nutritional label if you choose to take protein powder! There are many companies that include unhealthy ingredients within their protein powder. Speak to your doctor to help choose the right protein powder for you! 


How Can You Be Super?

A great way to stay away from those unhealthy sugars and to increase your protein is by incorporating Superfoods in your holiday recipes. Superfoods are great because they are able to help reduce the risk of heart disease, memory loss, and other health problems. They are also a great source of vitamins, protein, and fiber. By consuming more Superfoods, you will not only be able to improve your cognitive function, but also improve your overall health. Check out this Healthline article for some great Superfoods! 


This holiday season, you are not alone! We will be launching our new Ebook and a series of webinars to help you be the best you this holiday season.Play Attention can provide a customized program for you or your child to increase attention and focus which will, in turn, improve executive function. Contact one of our specialists today to start your customized plan in time for the new year! 800-788-6786