Take Time & Be Thankful For Yourself

As you prepare for the holiday season, make a plan to take care of yourself. It can be difficult to accommodate friends and family, and even more difficult to carve out time for yourself. It is important for our cognitive and overall health that we take the necessary steps to be our best selves. By trying some of these great tips, your body will be thankful for you this holiday season! 

Mindfulness Meditation: Meditation is a great way to begin making time for yourself. Just by separating yourself from distractions, you can get in touch with quiet timeyour inner thoughts and emotions. Studies have shown that meditation is able to increase dopamine levels and strengthen the part of the brain that controls executive functions such as focus, impulse control, and planning. By meditating and focusing on bringing your attention to the now, you are able to train your brain to enter this attentive state. Give us a call, 800-788-6786, and we can show you some other ways to build your executive function!

Drink Water: Water is important for your overall well being. It is easy to get into the habit of only drinking coffee or occasionally having a glass of water, but proper hydration can help you control your ADHD symptoms. Dehydration causes the loss of attention and memory problems due to the loss of electrolytes and sodium within the body. Over the holiday season, try some of these great tips from Self and stay hydrated!

Night Cap: It is finally the end of the day and you made it through! After a long day, turn off the screens and focus on yourself. Recap your day and think about the tasks at hand for tomorrow. By reviewing and planning, you will be able to have more control as you prepare to tackle the next day. Try reviewing your day with a cup of tea and begin to see how it positively affects your tomorrow. 

You have so much to be thankful for this holiday season, don’t forget to be thankful for yourself! It is important that you take the time for self-care so that you can continue to be a bright light in other people’s lives. By following these simple tips, you will be able to work on your executive function skills and mitigate those ADHD symptoms. Strengthening your executive function skills will not only help you feel great but as well help you improve focus, memory, following directions and much more. This is where Play Attention can help! For over 25 years we have been helping children and adults improve attention, memory, and executive function. Contact one of our specialists today to get a customized training plan specifically for you, yourself, or your child.