Do You Mind?

Meditation has been positively impacting the lives of children and adults through its many practices over many years. Some of the positive effects range from improving attention problems, behavioral issues, or even excessive energy. There are several ways to help those that have ADHD symptoms including being able to train your mind through the practice of mindful meditation. Mindfulness is the training of being in the now. By focusing inwardly, one can train their attention and executive function. Executive functions are a set of mental processes that help us plan, prioritize, remain focused, and execute tasks in a timely manner. By focusing on one’s inner feelings and paying attention to one’s current physical state, one can feel when their attention begins to wander. Check out this great article from Additude Magazine, and begin incorporating Mindfulness training in your daily life. Brain

  1. It is for any age: Mindfulness meditation can be practiced at any age. Yoga studios utilize this practice for adults, but there has been a rise in the number of teachers that have begun incorporating mindfulness meditation within their curriculum for their students.
  2. Practice It Anywhere: You can practice mindfulness anywhere! It is the state of being in the now and focusing inwardly on yourself. This can be done while in the office, at the playground, riding in the car, or wherever you are existing. Even if you are in a distracting environment, you can still focus inwardly and truly experience the now and what you feel. Why is this stressful? What changes in the body do you notice in the environment? What can you do to bring your mind back into the now? You can take the time to listen to your body anywhere you go!
  3. Connect With Your Inner Self: Focusing on the now and within will allow you to focus on your inner wants and emotions. You can think about your current situations, future decisions, or potential decisions and how they make you feel. How do you feel when you wake up for work? Why do you feel a certain way when you interact with certain people? How did you feel after that test? What do you think could have done better? By taking the time each day to practice mindfulness, you are taking time to fully understand yourself. This will help you navigate toward achieving your goals as you also train your attention and executive functions. 

Mindfulness is a great natural remedy to help with attention problems, and when paired with the most complete and comprehensive program that helps kids and adults with ADHD the results are phenomenal. Play Attention is the only program that integrates feedback technology, cognitive skill training, and behavior training modules to help children and adults train their attention and executive functions. Within the program includes the option of a mindfulness training module. This will give the ability to not only work on cognitive skill training but as well the skill of mindfulness meditation training. Call us today to schedule your 1:1 consultation. 800-788-6786