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Goal Setting with ADHD. Are You On Target?

The year is underway, and if you were like many people around the world, you probably made some resolutions. It’s one thing to say a resolution, it is another thing to fully commit yourself to it. As January comes to an end, ask yourself are you on target for your goals? Did you create a plan to achieve your goals? How effective has your plan been this month? A month has passed since you proclaimed your major life change, and now its time to evaluate and recommit.

This time to reflect is important to do daily if you have ADHD. Each day can be a struggle and present many challenges, but this can also be a learning experience. Take time to reflect and ask yourself questions. What problems have you been experiencing in your life? What steps have you taken to identify them? What steps are you taking to address the problems?

There are many possibilities one can do to just cope or make it through but is everything being done to improve your life or solve the problem. Just like how you must reevaluate your New Year's plan and recommit, you must reevaluate your daily plan for success and recommit. Your failures are learning experiences, your struggles are going to help you preserve, what makes you different is what makes you great! Nothing worth having comes easy, especially making fundamental changes in one’s life. Try some of these great tips and get back on target to achieving your goals! Target

Set Small Daily Goals: As you are working towards your larger goals, try setting smaller goals that you can practice achieving daily. This will help you establish discipline, and gives you the opportunity to practice reviewing your day. By evaluating your days, you will see the different steps that you will need to take to make sure you are successful!

Make Note Of Weak Points: No one is perfect! We all have strengths and weaknesses, and we can always improve them if clearly identify them. Take some time to make a list of things you want to work on. For some it is organization, for others, it is waking up at a reasonable time. By listing out your different weaknesses, you can formulate a plan that will allow you to work on strengthening each area. Remember, don't try to improve everything at one time. Select one or two of the most important goals to work on first. As you improve these areas add a new goal. Don't overwhelm yourself with taking on too many things on your list at once. 

Find A Mentor: You are not the first one that is going down this path. Find someone within your community or reach out to support groups online. The internet is a great way to connect with people all around the world. Reach out to individuals who seem to be going through similar experiences. Learn from them how they were able to reach success. This is a great way to network and to build positive relationships. 

As you are refocusing and getting on back this year, Play Attention is here for you. We will be releasing blogs and webinars to help you along every step of the way.

At Play Attention, we integrate NASA inspired technology with cognitive skill training and behavior shaping to strengthen your attention and executive function. Executive function is a set of mental functions that allow us to organize, plan, prioritize, and control impulsive behaviors. These are critical skills when it comes to success at school, home, and work. By strengthening your executive function, you are developing skills that help you succeed in all areas of your life. Speak to one of our attention specialists and learn how we can customize a comprehensive executive training program for you.