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Adulting With ADHD

Adulting in everyday life is a challenge for many of us. When you have ADHD, it can be even more challenging to try and hold everything together. From paying bills and taxes on time to making sure you schedule doctor appointments, prioritization, and organization are important factors that help one with life management. ADHD symptoms may be more manageable when you are at a younger age, but as you gain more responsibilities it is important you take the steps to help you be the best you! Try some of these great tips and tips from HelpGuide and be in control of your life! OrganizationPlanning

Using Technology: We are fortunate to live in the age of technology and can benefit from its many applications. There are different calendar apps, task management programs, website blockers and much more that can be utilized in our daily lives to help us be more efficient. The calendar app is great for helping one pay bills on time. You can use the app to set the date it is due, and reminders leading up to it. This will not only help you pay your bills on time but will also help you budget your finances leading up to the payment date. 

Go Paperless: This age of technology has also given us the option of making communication notices paperless. A life without pieces of mail stacking on your counter is right around the corner. No more forgetting to read the important notice that was sent to you in the mail, and pieces of mail needing you to respond in four business days. You can set things to be sent to you paperless, which allows you to have the document on your computer, phone or tablet. You can organize the files neatly on your computer. This will help prevent those important pieces of mail from being tossed out and piling up on your desk. Piles of papers cluttering your desk can lead to stress and anxiety!

Take Things One At A Time: A daily schedule can get out of hand very quickly. You could be having an easy morning, and then all of a sudden the tasks start pouring in. One after another tasks begin adding up. It may be easy at first to address each one as they come in individually. However, what happens when you have to manage many tasks at a time? Some tasks require more attention than others. You may forget to follow up on a task, and soon your daily schedule is more of a juggling act than a schedule. As tasks come in, start making a list. That way you can focus all of your attention on each individual task and maintain your organization. Have a flexible list on the computer so you can move the tasks around to indicate priority. Be certain to check off each task as you complete it.

Adulting is never easy, but you can take certain steps to help you navigate through it like a pro. By organizing, prioritizing, and maintaining a schedule, you can stay on top of those important tasks, get more things done efficiently, and maintain a schedule.

Play Attention is here to help! Through our NASA inspired feedback technology, cognitive training, and behavior shaping programs, we help you strengthen your Executive Function. Executive Function is a set of mental processes that help you prioritize, plan, organize, and avoid procrastination. By strengthening those neural networks, you can see your success translate to school, home, and work! Give us a call today and schedule your 1 : 1 consultation! 1-800-788-6786