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One fee for the entire program. Lifetime Membership with a Personal Executive Function Coach.

membership200 Adult Programs - Play Attention

At Play Attention we have the most advanced technology available to strengthen executive function, improve self-regulation, and change behavior. But we know that it is not enough to simply give you technology and a manual. So we provide World Class Support, counseling, and coaching free of charge and a free Lifetime Membership.

Changing the brain is not enough – we'll work together to change your life.

We understand there's no single answer and no one-size-fits-all approach. So, Play Attention provides the most comprehensive packages, solutions, supports systems, and technology available. Play Attention's full service customizable system will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose what you need:

  • Use advanced feedback technology to improve Executive Functions
  • Mindfulness training
  • Behavior shaping
  • Parent training
  • Comprehensive family management program
  • Coaching/counseling
  • Physical exercise information and management
  • Nutrition coaching

Improve job performance, relationships, productivity. We'll customize a plan for you. Stop working so hard and getting nowhere. Call now.

Unlock your potential. Play Attention is the key.

Start now. ​828-676-2240