Can the Spice, Saffron, Improve ADHD Symptoms?

There are many online discussions about which natural supplements can be used to improve ADHD symptoms.false saffron 3046278 640

New research conducted by Tehran University of Medical Sciences is claiming that the spice, saffron, produces the same results as Ritalin in ADHD children 6-17 years old. This was a short-term study of 6 weeks with 54 patients. The researchers used parent and teacher rating scales.  Each group saw an improvement in ADHD symptoms. The conclusion in the study states, “Short-term therapy with saffron capsules showed the same efficacy compared with methylphenidate. Nevertheless, larger controlled studies with longer treatment periods are necessary for future studies.”

The researchers also stated that saffron has properties which improve memory and reduce depression. This could indicate that saffron has the potential to help patients with comorbid mood disorders.

No serious side effects were reported in either group.  However, methylphenidate prescriptions list possible side effects such as loss of appetite, nausea, headaches, cardiovascular problems, and insomnia. The side effects of saffron are minimal, but you should consult with your doctor before starting any new herbal supplements. WebMD states that saffron should not be used in patients with bipolar, low blood pressure, heart conditions, or during pregnancy. It may also cause an allergic reaction in some patients.

While supplements may help some symptoms of ADHD, cognitive skills must be practiced in order to improve executive functioning.  Play Attention teaches the skills you need for a brighter, more successful future. Call 800-788-6786 for a free consultation.