Look Who’s Talking

Play Attention is NASA inspired and used in thousands of homes, schools, doctor’s offices, psychologist offices, traumatic brain injury hospitals, learning centers, and athletic training centers worldwide. Here’s what they have to say…

"Just a note to say that Luke is doing wonderfully overall. He has come to be able to consciously recall his focus in sports which thrills him & in school which thrills me. He has jumped a whopping two years in his level of reading development this year. All of his other grades were A’s…but mostly I am so happy that he is able to attend to things long enough to learn & understand. There are so many things that he is interested in & now he can find out about them. Great product! I am not sure where we would be without it."

Sheri, parent
Pittsburgh, PA

"When Justis first started school, it quickly became obvious he had problems concentrating. His teachers told us that he wouldn’t sit still and that he’d often blurt out inappropriate questions. This didn’t surprise us – at home his temper was volatile. One minute he’d be playing, the next he was angry and throwing things at us. He was impossible to discipline.’

After Play Attention training he is calmer and he doesn’t fidget as much. He now gets dressed with less prompting, gets his own juice and even washes up the odd saucepan, which he never did before. Since he’s changed s o much in a relatively short time, our aim is for him to go into a mainstream secondary school."

Suzanne, parent
United Kingdom
Excerpt from Daily Mail

"We’ve seen kids who were struggling to get good grades end up on honor roll, and we’ve seen kids who had serious behavior problems actually learn the mental self-discipline to help control their behavior. That’s one of the big reinforcements with Play Attention, because they can actually see their own progress. And when we’re talking about kids who come from a social deficit, they’ve never seen themselves progress at anything."

– Rob Gerst, Licensed Professional Therapist

"I honestly believe that Play Attention helped change my son’s life.
And to me, that is priceless."

Barbara, parent
Old Fort, NC