Technology Showing Promise in Treating Attention and Behavioral Problems in Children & Adults

An article from the October 6, 2005 issue of  MONiTOR TODAY!, Ottawa’s Technology Information portal:

Technology Showing Promise in Treating Attention and Behavioral Problems in Children and Adults.

Asheville, North Carolina – It’s a patented technology that is similar to that used by NASA astronauts and U.S. Air Force pilots to stay attentive in the cockpit. An innovative product called the Play Attention Learning System is using similar space-age technology that can now be used on home/school computers to help minimize attention, concentration and focus challenges in children and adults. Through the use of new computer technology, unique one-on-one support and a dynamic training program, Play Attention’s innovative learning system actually trains the brain to pay attention and focus better.

“NASA has proven that attention can be improved through feedback training. Play Attention is actually an enhancement to their technology which is successfully impacting the lives of children and adults worldwide,” says Peter Freer, Play Attention Founder and CEO. The results have been powerful throughout the United States, Europe, China, Canada, Singapore, Puerto Rico, South America, Taiwan, and Australia.

What is Play Attention? The Play Attention Learning System consists of a unique computer software program, a sensor-lined helmet similar to one used for bicycling and an interface unit that connects the helmet sensors to the computer. These sensors monitor the user’s attentive state and cognitive process while he/she interacts with the characters on the computer screen. Users complete a series of video game-like exercises that are controlled, not by joysticks or controllers, but by the brain alone. Through a process called Edufeedback, Play Attention users can see and hear real-time feedback of how they’re progressing in focusing, finishing tasks, increasing memory, and filtering out distractions.

Within a short time of using Play Attention, behavior can be modified to reduce or eliminate disruptive calling out, fidgeting, and impulsivity, all while improving time-on-task, focus, comprehension and more. The system helps reduce the effects of distraction at! home, school and the workplace, bringing life into focus. Play Attention encourages practice of key cognitive and attention skills that, in a relatively short amount of time, retrains the brain how to think more clearly, more attentively and with more focus.

The Play Attention Learning System is much more than computers and technology. In addition to the hardware & software a user receives personalized one-on-one support, motivation and guidance with Play Attention staff members, typically holding a master’s degree or higher. A mentor program for children and adults to insure goals are set and being reached. And free access to, a support site loaded with newsletters, information about the rewards program, latest software downloads, coaching resources, interactive advice from the Play Attention staff.

The entire Play Attention Learning System sells for $1,795, which includes all equipment, materials and training. Complete information is available online: or by calling (800) 788-6786 for a FREE demonstration CD.

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