Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate_SMJoin Kate, a real life ADHD mom, as she announces her New Year's resolution. Bring it on Kate!

"I recently learned that social skills is one of those things we ADHD adults can have difficulty with. When I think about whether or not this applies to me, I see that it does. So based on that, here is my New Year's resolution. I can do this!

New Years Resolution 2016

I resolve to listen to actually listen when people are talking- not listen to respond listen to hear and understand. I resolve to stop thinking of what I am going to say and to not interrupt everyone mid-sentence. I resolve to remain quiet, focus on what the other person is saying and let them complete their thought even though the impulse to finish their sentences for them is unnaturally strong. I resolve to be patient with 'slow talkers'. I resolve to stop doing something else when someone is talking to me, to be still and put all my energy into really hearing that person. Talk to me 2016 I'm here and ready to listen. Bring it on."