Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate_SMJoin Kate, a real-life ADHD mom, as she explains her resolution to be a better listener...

Last week I resolved to be a better listener. I reviewed all the rules smile, nod, look the person in the eye, murmur,"Umhmm," once in a while, etc OKAY! I can do this!

Well friends, I really CAN do all that. I can smile and nod and APPEAR to be listening to you, but my darn brain resists actual listening like Luke resists the dark side.

Here's what's really going on inside my head while you are talking and I am nodding with that foolish smile on my face: I find the edge of the paper you are holding interesting, the way the carpet feels under my feet fascinating, the way the sunlight makes patterns on the wall intriguing. While you are talking, I am wondering how many ceiling tiles there are, how the pencil eraser will taste if I lick it just a little, and counting and recounting all of the teeth in my mouth with my tongue. I am giggling inside because that guy behind you just tripped and all the while I'm trying to recall lyrics to an old Journey song.

The thing is I really do WANT to listen to you, my dear friend. I WANT to hear what you are saying, but my brain has other ideas. Time and time again, I find myself catching your last sentence and wondering where the time went and what I missed while I've been nodding and murmuring ummhmm¦.

Can anyone relate?

I am considering starting Play Attention myself to help with these skills. A I will keep you posted.