Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate, a real ADHD mom, shares her positive spin on her ADHD.Kate_SM

So, as I sat down to write Things I Hate about having ADHD, I made the (impulsive) decision to honor the upcoming Valentine holiday and put a different spin on it How about Things I Love About Having ADHD? I surprised myself when I started writing. It wasn't too far of a stretch to take the negatives and pull the positives out. It made my day a little brighter! So here they Things I LOVE about having ADHD:

  1. I have the most amazing imagination! If I could only sit still and focus long enough to write or tell all the stories and ideas in my head! You'd be amazed!
  1. I laugh at myself every day. I find myself super funny and enjoy my own company.
  1. I don't worry about long term consequences. I enjoy the moment.
  1. I'm super flexible. If something goes unexpectedly wrong, I am the master of go with the flow. You could just call me flow. My new nickname! Not like the Progressive ad lady Flo, but like got off track hold on where was I?
  1. I never think inside the box. As a matter of fact, I don't even know what the inside of the box looks like!
  2. I've had many unexpected adventures due to impulsivity and an uncanny ability to act without thinking.
  1. I'm rarely bored. My one good friend (that I've been able to keep) always says I could amuse myself in a paper bag.
  1. I love that I can be spontaneous and take risks.
  1. I'm not bound by convention. There's no right way to do something in my eyes.
  2. For my tenth thing that I love about having ADHD, it's the feeling I get when I realize this crazy thing I deal with every day is not mine and mine alone. You're all right there with me. You get it. I love that.