Injuries, Impulse Control, and ADHD  

Neil Petersen, ADHD Millennial, shared his own experiences with ADHD and injuries in Psych Central. He also cites a study conducted by researchers in Turkey that examined this very topic.

Researchers in Turkey screened 222 children admitted to the emergency room for symptoms of ADHD and found that 4 out of 5 children had symptoms of possible ADHD.  With 80% of the children seen in the ER having ADHD symptoms, it could be assumed that children with ADHD do indeed suffer more injuries than children who do not have ADHD. However, due to the high percentage being reported, additional studies are currently being conducted to validate the results. 

Petersen cites other studies with similar results:

Larry Silver, MD states, The very nature of ADHD increases the probability of accidents. Children and adolescents with this neurologically based disorder are hyperactive, distractible, or impulsive — or a combination of all three. When you move around more than others, when you have difficulty focusing, when you act before you think, you are at greater risk for injury. The risk increases if you have a learning, language, or motor disability, as 50 percent of children with ADHD do. If a child doesn’t understand directions, if he can’t follow what an adult is saying, or if he has poor coordination, his risk of injury inevitably goes up.”

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