At Home EF Activities

#9 Executive Function @ Home Activity

All Ages
Work Out At Home
Areas Develop: Focus, Working Memory, Mindfulness, Motor Skills, and Mental Flexibility

When we exercise, we are not only strengthening our bodies but also our minds. We train our minds to filter out distractions, hold our attention on the task at hand, and to develop self-control.

Your gym may be temporarily closed and that can make it challenging to maintain a work routine. However, that does not have to stop you! You can use different objects in your house for...

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#8 Executive Function @ Home Activity

All Ages
Traditional Children Games (No Equipment Required)
Areas developed: Attention, Processing Speed, Auditory Processing, Impulse Control, Motor Skills, Communication

"Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose!"

"Mother, May I Take 2 Little Steps?"

"Simon Says, Tap Your Head!"

"Red Light! Green Light!"


Do these phrases bring you back to your childhood? It's time to play these games again. Although they seem very simple and silly, they are actually great activities to develop executive function.

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#7 Executive Function @ Home Activity

All Ages
Piece Together Some Puzzles!
Areas developed: Attention, Flexible Reasoning, Working Memory, Processing Speed, Spatial Memory, Patience & Impulse Control

People with ADHD tend to have difficulty with attention, organization, and processing speed. This makes solving problems more difficult and time-consuming.

Take time today at home to work on some puzzles! Puzzles are great for engaging your brain in different ways to solve problems. There are so many puzzles to engage the brain...

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#6 Executive Function @ Home Activity

Crafting a Feelings Folio
Areas developed: Emotional Control, Focus, Introspection, Impulse Control, Memory

People with ADHD tend to experience very strong emotions. As a result, they sometimes get carried away by their feelings and respond impulsively without considering how their actions will affect themselves or others.

Take some time today to start understanding and controlling your emotions. Improving your emotional control will in turn improve your focus, impulse control, stress...

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