Play Attention in Professional Practice

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Each day with the help of Play Attention, another student begins a positive journey of discovery and learning that may genuinely change the rest of his life. You have the unique opportunity to be a significant part of that journey. By becoming a Play Attention Professional or a Play Attention Certified Provider, you can create an environment where your students can achieve success! If you are truly interested in helping others with attention problems, please call us at (800) 788-6786.

It’s all here – the complete package

Students and clients with AD/HD almost always exhibit another learning disability. Cognitive problems, behavior problems, poor social skills, and poor memory often exist simultaneously. Because these problems are so closely intertwined with AD/HD, training them independently is ineffective. It’s often difficult to determine where one problem ends and the next begins. Play Attention helps improve attention, cognitive skills, behavior, social skills, and memory in one complete package. We hold three patents on this process. And we do much more.

The key – getting their attention

How do you train cognitive skills, behavior, social skills, and memory if you can’t get their attention first? If we’ve learned anything from education over the last 50 years, it’s nearly impossible. Play Attention uses a revolutionary brain wave monitor housed in an armband called BodyWave that monitors the student’s attention and cognitive processing. The Play Attention BodyWave interface allows your student or client to control our computer based cognitive exercises by attention alone. Attention becomes real, concrete, and controllable. Teaching cognitive skills becomes effective.

Behavior shaping becomes meaningful

No one changes if the change is not personally meaningful. AD/HD students typically aren’t even aware they’ve habituated to certain self-distracting or disruptive behaviors. Trying to convince them to change their behaviors is fruitless when they don’t see a connection to success at school or workplace. Play Attention provides the connection between behavior and attention. If a student fidgets or self-distracts, our BodyWave monitor detects a decline in attention and the game stops working. The student or client clearly sees a direct connection between attention and behavior. Now, change is meaningful. A clear road to success through improved behavior is now achievable. Play Attention includes a patent pending behavior shaping module that’s easy, effective, and fun.

Our Report Card

Play Attention is used effectively throughout the world and in over 450 school systems in the USA. It is designed to increase student concentration, visual tracking, time on-task, short-term memory, and discriminatory processing. This cognitive foundation is essential to classroom success.

As educators and professionals, we know you don’t have a lot of time to learn new software, so we made Play Attention comprehensive but not complicated. You even get a personal support agent who will talk you through Play Attention’s technical and educational elements. And through, you can gain full access to the latest research on ADD/ADHD, software updates, and more.

Play Attention iLab

You may wish to incorporate Play Attention iLab into your professional practice to accommodate more students or clients. Learn about iLab here.

Play Attention in Professional Practice

You have two options when using Play Attention professionally – become a Play Attention Professional or a Play Attention Certified Provider.

Whether you’re a Professional with an established practice, or if you like to establish a practice around the Play Attention system, you owe it to yourself to learn how Play Attention can benefit your clientele or students.

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