Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is commonplace for everyone to make New Year’s resolutions, however, adults with ADHD can experience frustration by not following the “list” of their resolutions for the following year.

In an effort to eliminate that frustration and improve the likelihood of keeping your New Year’s resolutions follow a simple process throughout the year.

Although New Year’s resolutions are “Life Changing” start with a simple task, such as cleaning out a closet, taking a ten (10) minute walk each morning, or organizing your important papers.

Make a list of your resolutions and each day keep notes under each item. Reflect on the event and memorialize your activity which relates to a success. As you progress you will believe you can achieve the goal and you will! Don’t rely on an excuse to avoid the resolution, such as, I must go shopping, it’s raining outside, and I just want to sit down! Each time you consistently undertake the resolution you change your behavior and success will follow.

By starting with small tasks, you will experience success by following through each day, next year your resolutions can be more “life changing” as you have experienced success in completing your New Year’s Resolution of the past year.

This is a process and you will build your confidence from your past year’s achievement!

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