Max passed the gifted test!

Play attention helped my son Max (age 11) to improve his short-term memory and processing speed — the two important characteristics that kept him from from passing the gifted test. In spite of the the general opinion that short-term memory is something given and inherited, I was looking for ways to work on it. It was our goal to get Max into the gifted program at school.

I was lucky to find Play Attention and its variety of games that help kids to get focused, stay focused and ignore distractions. Me and Max decided to give it a try and started working 3-4 times a week. At first it was difficult to keep the routine and it seemed that there were no changes. But slowly Max started noticing that it became easier for him to remember things and do mental math problems at school. In four months Max got to the intermediate level in Play Attention and could remember and repeat sequence of 10, a result that I myself could not achieve.

This spring Max made another attempt to sit for the gifted test and, to our joy, he got the passing score!!! Main lesson learned by both of us – there are no gifted or talented people, but everything is possible with the hard work, determination, and Play Attention.

Elena, Max’s mother
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