I treat this as exercise for my mind. I'm pleased with the results.

I would be glad to share a personal story with Play Attention! 

In about four months, Play Attention has become something that has been very helpful to my work, my studies, and my personal well-being above all! Training two to three days a week for about 60-80 minutes per week has taught me not only how to focus my attention but to be more aware of my state of mind. I have been and still am the kind of person who gets frustrated easily when things go wrong - something that is part of life and the human condition. Training continues to help me to become aware of my state of mind - when I'm relaxed or stressed, awake or tired, disciplined or scatterbrained - and that helps me to decide what to do with myself. There have been days where I pushed myself through to the end when I didn't think I could make it. There have also been days where I realized I really needed to relax and give myself time to recover.

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of training, but what changed my mind was the exercises themselves. They are really well designed and focused around developing particular areas of attention. I used to think my problem was listening to people due to some auditory processing disorder. After training for four months, I was surprised to discover that I am more distractible than I thought. With that information, I make more of an effort to filter out distractions at school and in the office than I would have. Since I now know that my ability to listen to people isn't what I needed to work on. (To clarify, I've been tested for ADD and though I have some symptoms I have not been diagnosed with the condition).

If you are considering purchasing the Play Attention hardware and software and concerned about the price, I completely understand where you are coming from. I was also worried about making the investment in time and especially money. I waited until the time was right and decided to do it. I knew there would be days I didn't want to train, and I still allow myself to rest when I need to. But I treat this as exercise for my mind. I'm pleased with the results and I think you will be too. Just make sure you are ready to commit to this. It works really well if you do.

- Michael, Another Successful Play Attention Adult Client

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