ChuckChuck Pisa is an Esoteric Healing and massage therapist currently practicing in Brevard, NC and Sarasota, FL. After his own dramatic recovery from a life-threatening illness with the help of Esoteric Healing, Chuck undertook Esoteric Healing training and has completed Levels 1-8, holding Board Certifications in both Esoteric Healing (NAEH) and Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). Also a Certified Nutraceutical Consultant, Chuck is dedicated to helping others on their journeys from illness to health, which also includes teaching classes on energy therapies, esoteric studies, esoteric astrology (astronomy) and The Ageless Wisdom. As an amateur astronomer, Chuck has worked for 35 years in consultancy and sale of astronomical equipment to amateurs, professionals and educational institutions around the world. He is currently Executive President of Olivon USA, a sales and marketing company importing binoculars, telescopes and astronomical accessories. Chuck can be reached at

What is Esoteric Healing?  Esoteric Healing is one of many energy balancing and healing modalities that is available today to anyone and everyone.

It is a scientific approach to healing in the energy field of the body.  Practitioners understand the patterns of energy flow and dysfunction and can quickly, easily and naturally restore the health and balance by precisely defining and treating a weak and/or congested area within the human energy field.  Just as physical or massage therapists are trained to palpate muscle tissue and sense tight, strained or knotted areas, Esoteric Healing practitioners are taught how to palpate the energy field surrounding a person and sense potential problem areas.

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