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Join us at our free webinar: How to Improve Executive Function & Self-Regulation

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Attend our webinar and learn how Play Attention utilizes NASA inspired technology & the latest brain research to improve executive function & self-regulation.

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  • How Play Attention's NASA inspired body wave technology monitors your brain activity indicative of attention
  • How you can control our cognitive exercises by mind/attention alone
  • How the Play Attention program strengthens executive function and self-regulation
  • What the research shows about our integrative approach - combining feedback technology, with cognitive skill training, and behavior shaping
  • How we will customize a Play Attention plan for you, your child, or your clients
  • What makes Play Attention the leader in attention training - 25 years and running!
We know your time is valuable. We will keep the webinar short and still get you all the info you need!
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Webinar Date & Registration: