Ease Symptoms of ADHD With A Better Night's Sleep

woman no sleepWe know that getting enough sleep is important for managing the symptoms of ADHD. A lack of sleep affects our attention, memory, mood, and cognitive processing. This is all necessary for good Executive Functioning. 

In fact,  a study involving 2,463 children aged 6-15, children with sleep problems were more likely to be inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive, and display oppositional behaviors.

If you’ve managed to get into a good sleep routine but still find yourself waking up groggy, it could be because of your sleep position. Sleep experts are now saying that our sleep position can be just as important as the amount of sleep. Sleeping on your side can cause shoulder and hip pain and sleeping on the right-side can exacerbate heartburn. If you do sleep on your side, try sticking to the left and make sure your pillow provides enough support for your head...

Buckle up for the ride.

Lady Teen In Car Texting Cell PhoneTeen driving can be an anxious time for most parents. If your teen child has ADHD, you may be even more concerned. There are some important facts and tips you need to know before letting your child behind the wheel.

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania took 60 kids, aged 16 to 17, that had recently been issued a driver’s license and put them through a driving simulator.  See news video.

They found, "That the kids who reported having problems with attention, hyperactivity, and impulse control were more likely to have simulator errors and were more likely to engage in risky driving behavior, like speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in teens, and if a child has difficulty with attention, he or she may be more likely to have trouble following the rules of the road."

study published by JAMA...

Traumatic Brain Injury May Lead to Higher Risk of ADHD

Brain Injury

One study now suggests that "young children who are hospitalized with head injuries may be at higher than average risk for developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) later on."

In fact, the study found up to about one in five kids with a TBI develops ADHD, roughly twice the diagnosis rate among typically developing school-age children.

“Children with a history of traumatic brain injury, even those with less severe injuries, have an increased risk for the development of new-onset attention problems, potentially many years after injury,” said lead study author Megan Narad of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Ohio.

Jack Tsao, a researcher at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and the Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, was quoted on psychcongress.com as stating, “Parents and the children's physicians or other medical professions and...

Great Daytime Snacks for Children and Adults with ADHD

Hard Boiled Eggs 1129698 640

Studies have shown that eating smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day can ease ADHD symptoms by keeping your blood sugar steady. This helps with attention, memory, and filtering distractions. Here are some quick snacks to help keep that afternoon slump at bay:

  1. Hard-boiled egg
  2. Nuts (Walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, and hazelnuts)
  3. Apples
  4. Whole-wheat crackers with peanut butter
  5. Non-fat yogurt

These foods contain the protein and complex carbohydrates that are suggested for ADHD. Reference: https://www.additudemag.com/adhd-diet-plan-for-kids-balanced-meals-better-behavior/

Build a Better Bedtime Routine For Your ADHD Child.

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ADHD has been linked to sleep problems in multiple studies. Many of the same brain functions that cause inattention can also negatively affect sleep. In addition, you may be battling hyperactivity, side effects from medication, and a constantly racing mind. Setting up a bedtime routine is important for every child, but especially for one with ADHD.

The following is a compilation of tips found on ADDitudemag.com to help you set up a better bedtime routine:

  1. Set a bedtime and stick to it: When setting your child’s bedtime, consider that your child may need less sleep than children without ADHD. Set a reasonable bedtime that you can really commit to. This is the most important part of their routine.
  2. No TV or screen time 1 hour before bedtime. Whatever the cause be may be, screen time before bed seems to disrupt quality sleep according to researchers and parents. Use this time for a...

Best Exercise to Ease ADHD Symptoms

Mom Exercise Yoga Baby Mat

Exercise is a key recommendation from any healthcare provider.  Not only is consistent exercise good for your overall health, it can also relieve symptoms of ADHD. If you have at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise, it can improve your mood, energy, brain clarity, and motivation.  Complex exercise is even better because it requires self-regulation and mindfulness.  Studies have shown that mindfulness techniques, can also help the ADHD mind become more present and less scattered.  Here are some examples of complex exercises to consider:

  1. 1.Martial arts
  2. 2.Dance
  3. 3.Rock climbing
  4. 4.Yoga
  5. 5.Gymnastics

To make sure you are getting the most out of your exercise, you want to make certain you are:

  1. 1.Getting your heart rate up
  2. 2.Breathing at a faster rate
  3. 3.Feeling your muscles get tired
  4. 4.Breaking a sweat

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