ADHD: Daylight Savings Time and Your Child

The Effect on Our Childs Circadian Rhythm

As with many ADHD adults, many of our ADHD children also experience a disruption in their circadian rhythm or sleep, due to the change in daylight savings time.

Kids Dog Sleep SMIt should be noted that children and adults behave differently as a result of sleepiness. Adults usually become sluggish when tired while children tend to overcompensate and speed up. For this reason, sleep deprivation is sometimes confused with ADHD in children. Children may also be moody, emotionally explosive, and/or aggressive as a result of sleepiness. In a study involving 2,463 children aged 6-15, children with sleep problems were more likely to be inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive, and display oppositional behaviors.

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Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate SMJoin Kate, a real life ADHD mom, as she reveals her new motto. . .

If any of you adult ADHDers out there need a new inspirational, motivational motto, you can borrow mine. It may be a bit more unconventional than my old one, but gosh, does it work well. I used to use, I got this when I needed to reassure myself that I could get through the day.

Now my motto is, At least I've got my pants on.

Believe me, it works!  It derives from a news story I read about where a teacher pulled up to work in a taxicab, got out in front of the school, but had forgotten her pants. Apparently, she had been out partying late the night before and, well made a valiant effort to get to work in the morning sans pants.

Now, when I have a bad morning and I show up to work, all in a big fumbling mess, I just say to myself, Well, at least I've got my pants on." And BAM. It's a win.


Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate SM1Kate, a real ADHD mom really could use some suggestions...

Like many of you, I didn't grow up knowing I had ADHD. I went through the same struggles you did, and like you, I naturally figured out ways to cope without even being aware of what I was doing.

I started thinking of all the things I do in my every day that help me live with ADHD. I may lose you here, as some of them are just plain weird, but I'll lay it all out there in hopes of finding people who relate and in hopes of getting more out of the box suggestions on how you cope with your ADHD.

(I'll start with the disclaimer that's yes, I know all about list making and post it notes. I'm a brilliant list maker. However, once I complete number one on my list, the novelty has worn off and the list is forgotten. And Post-its are just too much work).

I notice I buy clothes in neutral colors. Black, tan, etc.mix and match stuff. No...

Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate SM1Kate, a real ADHD mom, shares her problem of keeping friends and why she only has one BFF . . .
I very literally have been able to keep one friend (yes, you heard me right, ONE). Even keeping that one friend is sometimes tricky! Luckily, she is able to forgive my rudeness, inappropriate social etiquette and general flake is behavior most of the time, but even she has limits I can push!
Last week, I had something funny I wanted to tell her right away. I knew she was on a business trip, and she had warned me she would be pretty busy, but that didn't stop me from emailing her three times, and when I didn't hear back right away, I texted her excessively. Why did I need her response immediately? Couldn't the story have waited? Not in my eyes. Nope. Had to be right that minute.
I can't tell you how many times we've made plans to get together and I'm all like, Yes, sure! I'd...

Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate, a real ADHD mom, shares her positive spin on her ADHD.Kate SM1

So, as I sat down to write Things I Hate about having ADHD, I made the (impulsive) decision to honor the upcoming Valentine holiday and put a different spin on it How about Things I Love About Having ADHD? I surprised myself when I started writing. It wasn't too far of a stretch to take the negatives and pull the positives out. It made my day a little brighter! So here they Things I LOVE about having ADHD:

  1. I have the most amazing imagination! If I could only sit still and focus long enough to write or tell all the stories and ideas in my head! You'd be amazed!
  1. I laugh at myself every day. I find myself super funny and enjoy my own company.
  1. I don't worry about long term consequences. I enjoy the moment.
  1. I'm super flexible. If something goes unexpectedly wrong, I am the master of go with the flow. You could just...

Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate SM1Join in the conversation with Kate, a real ADHD mom, as she describes her relationship experiences...

I'm a bit hesitant to write on the relationship topic, but as we close in on Valentine's Day, I thought I would share some of my relationship experiences. I know I'm going to get blasted for being selfish, but I'll take a deep breath and get it over with

If you and I were on one of those speed dates, and you asked me if I'd make a good partner in a relationship, the short answer would have to be a resounding Now, if you wanted a second date with me, and we had time to dig a little deeper, here are the things I would have to disclose.

I will only worry about ME. I will only get ME through the day. It takes an incredible amount of energy for someone with ADHD to focus on what they need to do to have a semi-successful day. I will not have enough energy to worry about you too, so don't...