Memoirs of an ADHD Mom

Kate SM1Kate, a real ADHD mom really could use some suggestions...

Like many of you, I didn't grow up knowing I had ADHD. I went through the same struggles you did, and like you, I naturally figured out ways to cope without even being aware of what I was doing.

I started thinking of all the things I do in my every day that help me live with ADHD. I may lose you here, as some of them are just plain weird, but I'll lay it all out there in hopes of finding people who relate and in hopes of getting more out of the box suggestions on how you cope with your ADHD.

(I'll start with the disclaimer that's yes, I know all about list making and post it notes. I'm a brilliant list maker. However, once I complete number one on my list, the novelty has worn off and the list is forgotten. And Post-its are just too much work).

I notice I buy clothes in neutral colors. Black, tan, etc.mix and match stuff. No outfit planning required.

I turn off the radio/TV before trying to speak or listen to someone.

I tend to eat lots of cereal. No meal planning needed.

I disable every bathroom fan I encounter.

I HATE the noise. It is torture to me. It bothers and distracts me.

I rehearse conversations before they happen so I stay on topic.

I play games with the okay, between 3-4pm I will only focus on cleaning my daughter's bedroom... no leaving the room until 4 pm... how much can I get done by then? (helps me with my time management)

And I notice I have a better day if I wear my Spanx tank top (made out of stretchy fabric that sucks in your gut reminds me of the weighted vests some kids are required to wear) It's super tight fitting and keeps me grounded. If I'm not wearing it, I feel untethered. (I know, I know weird, right?)

What do you find yourself naturally doing in your every day to help you cope with ADHD?

I'm going to attend the free Time Management webinar hosted by Play Attention this Wednesday to see if I can learn some more coping skills. (Although I doubt I'll hear anyone talking about form fitting tank tops) Join me!​