ADHD Diagnosis on the Rise

Diagnosis of Pediatric attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) is on the rise. Currently, diagnosis is up 31% from 2010 to 2017 among Americans age 2 to 18 years old. This information is from a study conducted by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association reported recently in an Diagnosisarticle published by ADDitude Magazine.

This study was completed over eight years and found that age, gender, and geography influenced the likelihood of an ADHD diagnosis. The highest rate of diagnosis included 9% who were middle school students and boys were twice as likely as girls to be diagnosed. Unfortunately, girls are often undiagnosed because they do not have the behavioral competent that boys often exhibit.  This means they are often overlooked or classified as "just a daydreamer". To learn more about Why ADHD is Often Overlooked in Girls, visit our website blog post on this topic. Additional high rates of diagnosis were found in the South.  The rate of diagnosis in the South was 7.3 to 11%.  The lowest rate was found in the West, 3.1 to 5.1%.

Other discoveries in the study included ADHD comorbid with other behavioral health conditions.  These conditions included depression and anxiety. The study showed that 10% of middle school students and 25% of high school students with ADHD had depression.  While 23% of middle school students and 31% of high school students with ADHD also had anxiety. 

If you or your children or your clients have been diagnosed with ADHD, you are aware of the struggles.  What's the next step?  How can you improve attention, executive function, and self-regulation?

Play Attention can help you reach your potential.  You can thrive and succeed despite your current wiring.

Play Attention provides integrated feedback technology, cognitive training and behavior shaping to increase Executive Function in individuals whether they are diagnosed with ADHD or not. A customized program is created to help each specific individual through the FOCUS Assessment. The FOCUS Assessment is a norm-referenced computerized test of attention that you can take at home or in your office.  The test looks at different constructs of attention including performance, consistency, impulsivity, and ability to deal with auditory and visual distractions.  Once the-- test is completed, a Play Attention Executive Function Coach will provide a review of the detailed report and customize your Play Attention plan.  Call 800-788-6786 to schedule your FOCUS assessment.