Available accommodations for your child.

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Your child has an IEP or 504 plan for ADHD now what….

The world of IEPs as well as 504 plans can be confusing and difficult to navigate. You may not be sure what accommodations are available for your child and how to advocate for those accommodations. Recently an article from Understood broke down classroom accommodations for students with ADHD.

There are five areas to focus on when looking at accommodations; classroom learning, organization, classwork/test taking, in-class learning, and behavior. Here are some examples of accommodations for each area.

Classroom Learning:

  • Move student closer to teacher but away from windows and doors
  • Increase space between desks
  • Have student stand near teacher


  • Use assignment notebook
  • Color code folders/notebooks for specific subjects
  • Written out schedule for daily routine

Classroom Work/Test Taking:

  • Worksheets with fewer questions/problems
  • Frequent short quizzes rather than long unit tests
  • Extra time to complete and quieter space
  • Allow students to answer test out lout

In-Class Learning:

  • Give directions verbally and written
  • Use pictures and graphs
  • Make sure students understand
  • Give clear and simple instructions


  • Create a plan with a reward system
  • Praise good behavior if it is not disruptive
  • Talk through behavior issues one on one
  • Monitor student’s frustration

All of these accommodations are simply suggestions as you navigate through your child’s IEP or 504 plan.  You will want to work closely with the teachers to devise a plan that will work best for your child.  Remember to review the accommodations often as your child’s needs will continue to change.

Play Attention is a great program to help complement any IEP or 504 plans.  Play Attention can improve attention, behavior, and executive function by strengthening cognitive skills. Play Attention is the only program available that integrates real-time feedback technology with cognitive skills training, and behavioral shaping.  This makes Play Attention the most comprehensive program available.

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