Teen Motivation

Teen MotivationMotivation is difficult especially in teens, and when you add ADHD to the mix, it can feel almost impossible. However, motivation improvement is not impossible and can be accomplished with the right tools and techniques. Thus, making motivating your teen with ADHD is achievable.

Additude Magazine, recently did an article on this topic and specifically discussed how to motivate teens through these nine steps:

  1. Finding out what the teen wants; so often they want to be heard and understood
  2. Setting the tone for success as the parent and make sure they understand you are there to help
  3. Letting teens chose goals to work towards
  4. Ask questions of your teen find out more about the goal and how they will achieve
  5. Focus on teen independence
  6. Work together with teens as a team
  7. Create a rewards system
  8. Be fair
  9. Build persistence which is an executive functioning goal of working on a task without getting distracted

These are great steps and can lead to success, but how do you start, and where do you start? This process can seem overwhelming to many because they just want the motivation back in their teen. In addition to being difficult to start, it might be difficult to track and maintain because of everyday distractions and commitments for busy families.

The great news is Play Attention can accomplish these steps for you and help get your teen motivated again. Play Attention is a neurocognitive program that develops and strengthens executive function in individuals. Play Attention has built in goal development features to help track the goals of your teen. In addition to goal tracking, Play Attention also features a rewards program. Your teen will work towards increasing their executive function and be motivated by the rewards program . Finally, Play Attention is a program that is more than just a goal and rewards system. It is a program geared towards individuals with ADHD to help them improve their executive functions and give them the ability to engage in everyday activities. This is a program that will make changes in your teens mind and motivation as well as creating life-long changes that your teen will benefit from for the rest of their life.