Get outside, play, and improve symptoms of ADHD


ResearchRunning shows that playing outdoors reduces ADHD symptoms and summer is a great time to get your kids outside. Here are some ideas to give your children structured outdoor exercise (while having fun!):

  1. When playing with their friends, make sure they have access to jump ropes, hula hoops, roller skates, basketballs, etc.
  2. Sign them up for an outdoor sport like swimming, tennis, or soccer.
  3. Go hiking or kayaking as a family
  4. Put together a bike or running race with their friends. Give out prizes for motivation.
  5. Sign them up for a summer camp which involves obstacle courses, sports, and hiking.

Keep track of how your children respond to these activities, what they enjoy, and how you might be able to improve them. Ask your child to use a rating system and discuss what they did and did not like about each activity.  Discovering their interests may lead to new hobbies and adventures.