Children with ADHD and autism are more likely to develop anxiety

Child 696171 640If you have a child that has been diagnosed with either attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you may have noticed that he/she seems to also have difficulty with anxiety.  This is very common.
However, a recent study has shown that if your child is diagnosed with both ADHD and ASD he/sh is even more likely to develop mood disorders and anxiety.
This study, performed by researchers from the Kennedy Krieger Institute, is the largest of it's kind.
These researchers, "used the data from a cross-sectional survey of children aged between six to seventeen years old with ASD. The study included 3,319 children, 1,503 of which had ADHD and were monitored by the Interactive Autism Network between 2006 and 2013.

The risk of those with both ADHD and ASD developing anxiety was more than twofold (2.2 times), and the risk of different mood disorders was 2.7 times. Older children were more likely to exhibit these psychiatric conditions.They examined the data for treatment and/or diagnosis of mood disorders, anxiety disorder and ADHD reported by parents."

Anxiety can result in tension, stress, headaches, and upset stomachs.  However, anxiety also negatively affects the ability to pay attention.  Stress and anxiety is not conducive to good attention.

Play Attention's real time feedback can teach you or your child how to self-monitor and self-regulate.  As soon as your child becomes anxious, attention levels drop, this results in the screen character moving in the wrong direction or stopping.  This constant and immediate feedback will help your child learn how to recognize when he/she is becoming anxious.  More importantly over time, your child will learn how to control this.  

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