Childhood aggression linked to deficits in executive function

You may have heard it from teachers and counselors, "Your child has ADHD and weak Executive Function."  

Executive Function is a term used to explain brain processes needed to plan, prioritize, and organize. Executive Function helps us avoid procrastination, make good decisions by avoiding impulsive behaviors, and remain on task. Research has now linked childhood aggression to deficits in Executive Function.

"The study, published in open-access journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, shows that primary school children with lower Executive Function were more likely to show physical, relational and reactive aggression in later years, but not proactive aggression. The increased aggression -- which was observed in both boys and girls -- may be partly due to an increased tendency for anger in these children. The findings suggest that helping children to increase their Executive Function could reduce their aggression."

Our focus at Play Attention is to help children and adults with attention difficulties strengthen Executive Function and Self-Regulation.  We know strong Executive Function is critical to school and workplace success.

No one is born with strong Executive Function.  However, everyone is born with the potential to develop strong Executive Function.  Play Attention can help.

We know strong Executive Function is built on the foundation of cognitive skills. Play Attention's feedback technology teaches these specific cognitive skills such as staying on task, attention training, memory training, etc.

Play Attention also includes a full behavior shaping program that teaches children and adults how to control disruptive or impulsive behaviors.  The constant and immediate feedback provided by our BodyWave technology further develops one's ability to self-monitor and self-regulate. 

The results of the study cited above suggests that, "training programs that help children to increase their Executive Function, and manage their anger, could reduce their aggression."

Attend an upcoming Play Attention webinar and learn how we can customize a program that improves Executive Function and Self-Regulation.