3 Secrets for Making ADHD Organization Strategies Work for You

As you begin to bring out your holiday decorations, ask yourself one question. Can you be more organized? Organization and planning are essential to help manage stress, accomplish goals, and lower stress levels. The skill of organization is often difficult for children and adults with ADHD. The lack of organization leads to stress, cause plans to fall through, and trigger negative ADHD symptoms. As you are going back and forth to the storage room, try some of these helpful tips from Additude Magazine to get organized and manage your life! 

Set Time Limits For Decision Making: Procrastination can get the best of us. It can be hard to make tough decisions, but it can also be nerve-racking to Get Organizedmake ANY decision. Setting time limits help prevent decisions from being pushed to another time. When you are able to prioritize your objectives and act accordingly, you will see positive growth...

Take Time & Be Thankful For Yourself

As you prepare for the holiday season, make a plan to take care of yourself. It can be difficult to accommodate friends and family, and even more difficult to carve out time for yourself. It is important for our cognitive and overall health that we take the necessary steps to be our best selves. By trying some of these great tips, your body will be thankful for you this holiday season! 

Mindfulness Meditation: Meditation is a great way to begin making time for yourself. Just by separating yourself from distractions, you can get in touch with Quiet Timeyour inner thoughts and emotions. Studies have shown that meditation is able to increase dopamine levels and strengthen the part of the brain that controls executive functions such as focus, impulse control, and planning. By meditating and focusing on bringing your attention to the now, you are able to train your brain to enter this attentive...

Stress Begone! How to Enjoy Your Holidays:

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Houses need to be decorated, gifts need to be purchased, and feasts need to be planned.  It is a time for love and laughter, but for others, this can be the most stressful time of the year. It is nearly impossible to make everything perfect but is even more difficult when your gift is ADHD. There are so many juggling pieces that must be handled with care, that you must be prepared for anything. Additude Magazine has provided some great tips to help you be ready for anything this holiday season!Stress 1


Plan Ahead….Way Ahead: 

Planning should have a seat reserved at your Thanksgiving table this year. Organizing and planning ahead can help lift so much stress from your holiday season. Go ahead and organize the recipes that you will be using, place your order for your turkey, have your shopping list ready. This will allow you to have...

Fight Depression This Season:

The holiday season can be difficult for some people. A chaotic schedule, lack of seeing family and friends, or dealing with a loss can have a major toll on one’s well being. It is not easy,but you are not alone. You will make it through. Depression is a serious condition that is often comorbid with ADD/ADHD. It can be difficult to differentiate the symptoms between the two, Sad Girl but both can have a negative effect on one’s emotional and cognitive wellbeing. Follow these steps from Additude Magazine and our Holiday Survival Guide to be your jolly self during the holidays. 


1) Talk With Someone:


Talk to a doctor or a therapist if you are not feeling like your ordinary self. Being honest with yourself and talking with a specialist will help set you on the right path to healing. If these options are not readily available, talk to family or friends. These are people that...

ADHD Diagnosis & The Youngest Child in the Classroom

Does the age of a child in a classroom setting matter when discussing ADHD? In late September, Reuters published an article reviewing a study that found children who are younger in the classroom are more likely to be diagnosed with learning disabilities, depression, and ADHD than older students in the classroom. ADHD In The Classroom 1

Researchers in this study examined school enrollment data and electronic health records of more than 1 million students ages 4-15 in the U.K. The students’ ages were calculated based on their date of birth and the cut off of school enrollment of where they lived. 

The study found that children whose birthdays were within the final three months before the enrollment cut off were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with an intellectual disability, depression, or ADHD.

Researchers believe the following factors helped lead to increased diagnoses: 

  • Younger children...

Stay Super This Holiday Season!

Welcome to your Holiday Survival Guide! Over the next couple of months, we will be sharing tips and recipes to help you survive this holiday season. You have been working hard all year, and we want you to finish the year strong as you gear up for the New Year. Having a healthy diet and staying active will help improve your brain function, and help you be your best self this Holiday season! Super Foods 1


The Thanksgiving feeding frenzy is coming. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and more will soon be upon us. This Thanksgiving dinner, don’t just make room for dessert, make room to make your holidays super! By using superfoods in your recipes, you can help control your ADHD symptoms and optimize your brain function. Check out Attitude Magazine and below for some healthy tips! 


Stay Away from Sugars, Artificial Dyes, and Preservatives

Planning a Thanksgiving dinner...