ADHD & Money Management. Build A Financial Foundation Plan

As a child grows up to be an adult, they learn how to become independent from their parents. This process is learned through the skills that one has gained through different life experiences. These experiences will provide a foundation for behaviors once one has reached adulthood.Business Finance

A recent study has shown that there is a gap of independence between adults with ADHD and those without. This gap is found in financial independence.

A recent study done by FIU’s Center for Children and Families shows “Adults with childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are expected to earn $1.25 million less than adults without a history of ADHD, over their lifetime, potentially reaching retirement with up to 75% lower net worth.”

This does not mean that if you have ADHD you will be unsuccessful or financially dependent all your life. You have the potential to be highly successful. This study...

Poof Procrastination Begone!

Procrastination has more than likely affected all of us at some point in our lives. It seems very easy to hit the snooze button, watch just one more show, or put off major changes in one’s life. Procrastination seem to affect those with ADHD more often. Our brains can have a lapse of attention, and we focus on another task. Or we may get distracted while instructions are given to us. This is often due to weak executive function. Executive function allows us to control planning, organization, and other cognitive skills. There are many factors that can cause procrastination, but there are also many different steps that you can take to help create a habit of starting and completing tasks in a timely manner. When we overcome procrastination, we lower our stress levels and achieve more during our day! Try some of these great tips and this great video link from TotallyADD and beat...

Work It Out: Exercise As A Natural Remedy!

Exercise is a proven way to train one’s body and mind. There are so many health benefits from exercise that people everywhere are starting to incorporate it into their daily habits. People are monitoring their sleeping and walking habits through smart devices, trying out different healthy food trends, and even waking up early for the occasional yoga class. Our bodies and minds only get stronger when exercise becomes a priority. Exercise is also able to help those that experience ADHD symptoms. When we exercise, our executive functions are activated. It helps us remain focused and stay in the moment. Executive functions include attention stamina, planning, organizing and much more! Make your cognitive health and exercising a priority. Try some of these great tips and tips from Additude Magazine and get active: Kids Exercise Weights Sm F0bbd

  1. Weekly Green Time: Going for a walk in nature, near a creek, or at your...

Do You Mind?

Meditation has been positively impacting the lives of children and adults through its many practices over many years. Some of the positive effects range from improving attention problems, behavioral issues, or even excessive energy. There are several ways to help those that have ADHD symptoms including being able to train your mind through the practice of mindful meditation. Mindfulness is the training of being in the now. By focusing inwardly, one can train their attention and executive function. Executive functions are a set of mental processes that help us plan, prioritize, remain focused, and execute tasks in a timely manner. By focusing on one’s inner feelings and paying attention to one’s current physical state, one can feel when their attention begins to wander. Check out this great article from Additude Magazine, and begin incorporating Mindfulness training in your daily life...

3 Secrets for Making ADHD Organization Strategies Work for You

As you begin to bring out your holiday decorations, ask yourself one question. Can you be more organized? Organization and planning are essential to help manage stress, accomplish goals, and lower stress levels. The skill of organization is often difficult for children and adults with ADHD. The lack of organization leads to stress, cause plans to fall through, and trigger negative ADHD symptoms. As you are going back and forth to the storage room, try some of these helpful tips from Additude Magazine to get organized and manage your life! 

Set Time Limits For Decision Making: Procrastination can get the best of us. It can be hard to make tough decisions, but it can also be nerve-racking to Get Organizedmake ANY decision. Setting time limits help prevent decisions from being pushed to another time. When you are able to prioritize your objectives and act accordingly, you will see positive growth...

ADHD and Nicotine

It only takes ONE! It only takes one puff of smoke from a cigarette for a person to start developing a nicotine dependency. Nicotine addiction has always been a rising health issue, but more recently it has become an alarming health issue for our younger adults. Young adults are being targeted by nicotine and vaping products, and are able to share such products with other students on school grounds.

Non Smoking Image SM 83289How does this affect your children who have ADHD? In a recent study done by
Duke University, results have shown that young adults with ADHD are at an increased risk of nicotine addiction. The study showed, “The very first exposure to nicotine might be more pleasurable or reinforcing for individuals with ADHD, which in turn may lead to higher rates of dependency” (Dr. Kollis pg.1).

After the study, the team followed the participants to ensure that none of the subjects initiated nicotine or...