You're about to embark on an undersea adventure where you control the action with your mind.  Not only is it fun, but it will teach you how to pay attention for longer and longer periods of time.  This will make listening to your teacher or boss easier, and long assignments not so long.

The objective for all games in Attention Stamina is to pay full attention to the screen character of your choice.  You can make you character swim to the ocean bottom with your attention alone.

Attention stamina beginner, intermediate, and advanced end in 5, 6. & 7 minutes respectively.

When you select Attention Stamina from the Main Menu, the menu will display four characters.  The first thing you'll need to do is choose what character you want.  You have a choice between a playful dolphin, a courageous diver, a sturdy submarine, or a huggable whale. Click on your...

Finishing Assignments with Sheer Genius

A 20 minute homework assignment often takes 2 hours and a fight.

Missing deadlines because you can’t finish office assignments.

Sound familiar?

Finishing tasks is a skill that can be learned by anyone regardless of ADHD/ADD, or other cognitive impairments. The task may be homework, balancing your checkbook, or even cleaning your room. You can learn to do it in an appropriate amount of time.  Sheer Genius will teach you how to do it.

He begins by using a game called Time on Task.  As in all Play Attention games, our BodyWave armband allows you to control the action by mind alone!

You’ll start at the beginner level which requires you to drive a forklift with your mind – using full attention to move the forklift.  Your job is to lift the crates from the dock, place them on the truck, and drive the truck away in 9 minutes or...