Time on Task will teach you how to start an assignment right away and keep your attention on that assignment until completion. Ten minute assignments can now actually take ten minutes and not 3 hours!

The exercise begins with a warehouse scene, not unlike one might see at the back of any large grocery or department store.  In the foreground there's a truck, a stack of twelve wooden crates, and a man on a yellow forklift.  Once the student is focused, the man on the forklift will...

This Play Attention exercise increases the ability to focus on moving targets, which helps with anything from watching a teacher move about the classroom, to sports like baseball or football, or to activities like driving or riding a bike. Sustaining visual concentration in these types of endeavors increases the potential for learning and can positively affect safety.

Visual Tracking beginner, intermediate, and advanced end in 5, 6. & 7 minutes respectively.

In the Beginner skill...

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