Short term memory teaches you how to process information (both visual and auditory) and hold that information in short term memory long enough for recall.  This helps with not only following directions, but also things like remembering phone numbers, or names, or even a grocery list!

The initial screen shows four giant blocks of differing colors, (Blue, Purple, Red, and Green).   They are arranged like an upside down "T", with three blocks on the bottom and one block on the top...

Discriminatory Processing will teach you how to take in different bits of information and recognize what is important and what you can filter.

In Discriminatory Processing Beginner, the student is given a first person point of view perspective of a spaceship cockpit.  Beyond the dashboard a field of stars is clearly visible.  As has been true of all Play Attention games, the student must focus to start the exercise.  If the student is distracted or daydreaming, they will hear...

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