Sheer Genius is pleased to announce our new math games! We have just released 1st and 2nd grade addition and subtraction games. But there are more to come!

Although children with ADHD are often very smart, most do struggle in school. Memory impairments caused by their ADHD may affect a child's math performance in several ways. Your child may have difficulty retrieving basic arithmetic facts quickly. How often have you said to yourself. He knew the math facts yesterday but today it's like he has never seen them before. Not only is this frustrating for you, it is frustrating for your child!

It is critical that your child learns math facts and has rapid recall.

  1. Einey04 150x150Math facts form the building blocks for higher-level Math concepts.
  2. Math facts will expand their number sense as well.
  3. Mastering math facts will result in much faster computing. This will prepare your child for the upper...

Persons with attention problems and persons with autism frequently find it difficult to coordinate mind and body. Even simple writing skills can be difficult. Playing sports can be challenging.

Play Attention's Motor Skills game features a wizard. Play Attention students can command the wizard to move by their ability to concentrate. When the wizard moves, the Play Attention student must recognize, imitate, and coordinate with the wizard's movements. Together you can build the wizard's castle.

Loss of attention will interrupt your progress. Beware the dragon!  He's there to distract you!

By practicing Motor Skills, Play Attention students can learn to use their power of attention to control their muscles and bodies!

Play Attention's Working Memory exercise strengthens an individual's ability to retain and manipulate information needed to do complex tasks such as reasoning, comprehension and learning-even amidst distraction.

When the game first begins, you'll be able to see all of the squares and what's behind them. Pay close attention to the monsters, because they will soon hide and you'll need to remember where they are.

Focus to gain control over your character, the Roller Dude, and use the arrow keys to move him up, down, left or right. The object of the game is to capture all of the fuel tanks, and then make it to your buggy without hitting any of the monsters.

Take note of the words at the bottom of the screen. They will tell you when it's time to focus, and when it's time to use the arrow keys to move.  Remember that you can only make one move at a time.

On Intermediate and...

The Play Attention Social Skills exercise strengthens an individual's ability to recognize and respond to facial expressions, body language, and auditory cues associated with emotion.

You use your attention to expose a picture of a person. Once it is fully revealed, you'll be asked, "which word best describes the picture?  Click on the word you think best describes the person's facial expression.

On Intermediate, you're also presented with a picture of a person, but instead of clicking on the word that best describes it, you will click on one of three corresponding pictures; in effect, matching the facial expression from your main person to the facial expression of one of the others.

On Advanced, there is no main picture, but instead a verbal expression of emotion that you listen to, and then match to the pictured facial expression it most closely resembles.
Remember that in...

Play Attention's Spatial Memory exercise develops your ability to remember where objects are hidden. This is very similar to remembering where you left your keys or homework!

Spatial Memory Beginner presents you with 16 cards. To begin, pick a card by clicking on it one time with your mouse, then focus to reveal what's on the card. You will then be instructed to pick a match.

Click on another card.

If it is the same as the first card you picked, you have successfully "match" them, and both cards will stay revealed. If, however, the cards are different, they will become hidden again.

There are two of each card for a total of 8 matches, and your objective is to match all of the cards using your ability to remember where each card is located in relation to all of the others.

On Intermediate, there are 20 cards, and thus 10 matches to make.

On Advanced, there are 36 cards, and thus...