Overall I am pleased to say that he did much better than my expectation.

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My name is Max, and I first played Play Attention when I was 16 years old. I am one who has to concentrate hard to study for my iGCSE [Cambridge International Examinations] and GCSE exams [General Certificate of Secondary Education]. It had not been easy, as I have to study 8 subjects. I changed from a US school system to a British system 3 years ago.

My parents wanted me to learn to focus and concentrate better, so they bought Play Attention to help me. My mum found Play Attention on the internet. I think working with Play Attention has helped, as I was easily distracted in the past. My dad was guiding me whenever I played Play Attention. When I worked on an exercise with Play Attention, I sometimes got frustrated because the object did not move according to my focus. So I have to restart the game and the second time it was usually better. I feel happier when I scored good points from the Play Attention games. It made me feel more confident.

Dad SonMy mum helped me work better with my homework, and a few months before my exams, she made sure I worked with my Play Attention games.

Additional Note from Max’s father: We are pleased to inform you that Max has scored some good results for his iGCSE. We got his results this week. It has been a tough time in the run up to his exams. Overall I am pleased to say that he did much better than my expectation.

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