Shawn now enjoys reading and got a 90% conduct grade!

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My name is Shawn, and I’m a 10 year old boy in the 4th grade. I started the Play Attention program in July 2013, and I have completed over 40 hours of play time. Prior to Play Attention my conduct grades at school would indicate I needed improvement. I would also talk a lot and play with pencils and erasers in my desk. My academic grades have always been very high, mostly As with a couple of Bs, so my parents felt that some of my inattention could be a result of boredom.

My mom and dad were looking for alternatives to medications, since they felt that was not the best solution for me. When a friend suggested Play Attention, they decided that the investment in the cost of the program would be money well spent if it meant that I didn’t take medication with all the possible negative side-affects and was able to learn lifelong skills to help me increase my ability to pay attention, especially in academic subjects that were not interesting to me.

Since I have been doing Play Attention my conduct grade has been 90%! I also feel good because teachers don’t have to correct me as much and ask me to stop talking. I’m also becoming a better soccer player because I’m able to focus on my skills and listen better to my coach. I also enjoy reading more, and I can run faster because I’m focused on my speed, I can run a mile in 6:57 minutes!

– Success story submitted by Shawn & mom

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