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Unique Logic and Technology (UL&T), was founded in 1994, and is a privately held company located in Asheville, North Carolina. UL&T is the international leader in providing creative feedback-driven educational systems to assist learners of all ages in developing their potential. Our staff is primarily comprised of educational research technologists, educators, and engineers.

Founder of Unique Logic & Technology and Master Teacher, Peter Freer, developed Play Attention. His interest in facilitating student-learning processes evolved into a personal crusade to help students with attention difficulties. Freer's goal was to create an integrated educational system that would increase the attention, classroom performance and self-esteem of students with low attention or focus. After many years of research, careful development and testing at various academic institutions and private psychological practices nationwide, Unique Logic & Technology launched Play Attention featuring Edufeedback.

Play Attention, Edufeedback, and Bringing Life into Focus are registered trademarks of Unique Logic& Technology, Inc. Play Attention is patented and has patents pending. Play Attention's patent numbers are 6,097,981, 6,402,520 and 6,626,676 B2.

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