Let's Make a Meal!

We recently discussed some tips on how to plan a meal. Now lets take a look at involving your little one in the meal making process.

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For some of us, meal preparation comes naturally. We feel we can beat even the best home cook on Gordon Ramsay's television show, MasterChef. However, some of us dread the thought putting together the evening meal for the family. Whether you can easily put together the perfect well-balanced meal or struggle to put something edible on the table each night, we all have to start somewhere.Cooking With Kids 150x146

The good news is, just like any other skill, cooking can be taught. And just like cognitive training for people struggling with attention, you'll get better the more you practice.

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Cooking with someone with ADHD can be a challenge. With short attention spans, things will have to be kept simple and quick. Also, keep in mind that nutritionists recommend a diet high in protein and complex carbohydrates while keeping the diet low in refined sugars.

Here are some quick and easy recipes that will provide the right nutrition and start your child on the road to becoming a great home cook. You will find that cooking with your child can be a great learning experience. Your child will learn critical skills such as planning, time management, counting, fractions, money, weighing, measuring, and problem solving!

Consider teaching your child to cook at an early age, start with simple things like making toast. Then graduate to helping stir things (this gets a little messy, but be patient, it gets better). Eventually task your child with planning and helping prepare one meal a week for the family. Be prepared, you may be eating hot dogs with mac and cheese at first, or maybe PB&J, but this too shall pass.

As experience in the kitchen is gained, your child will become more adventurous with their meal prep. It actually can become a friendly family competition to see who can come up with the better meal. Your child may really begin to surprise you with some wonderful meals.

For teenagers, you can take it a step further. The Food Networks show Chopped features chefs having to prepare meals from five random ingredients given to them in a basket. Imagine how fun it would be to give your budding chef random ingredients, and have them create a meal in an hour? On the show, the chefs are faced with some strange ingredients, for instance chicken in a can, or gummy worms paired with a pork loin. So be careful what you put in your mystery basket remember you have to eat it!