Compare Us

What makes Play Attention different than any other program available? We include more support, more training, more technology, and more service than anyone else. Period. These features are in the Play Attention program, and they are FREE! No extra hidden charges or fees. These benefits last for the lifetime of your use of Play Attention.

These features are not just for families. Professionals also get them, as well as unlimited user license privileges. Professionals can enroll an unlimited number of clients into their Play Attention program – forever! There is never a relicensing fee.

Before looking at any other program, see if it can measure up to Play Attention.

Feel free to print this list and do an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. You won’t find another program that gives you what Play Attention provides. We are absolutely certain you won’t find a better value.

The Play Attention package has:

  • Free Master’s Degree support agent (read more)
  • Free Training (read more)
  • BodyWave® technology (read more)
  • Sheer Genius™ Technology (read more)
  • Memory training (read more)
  • Cognitive Skill training (read more)
  • Attention training (read more)
  • Motor Skills training (read more)
  • Social Skills training (read more)
  • Behavioral Shaping (read more)
  • Free Technical support (read more)
  • Free Educational support (read more)
  • Free Family support (read more)
  • Free Unlimited Data analysis (read more)
  • One Year Warranty.
    You also get a 1 year warranty on the Play Attention hardware. If something breaks due to our manufacture, we’ll replace it or repair it.
  • What could be better than a 30 day money back guarantee?
    Take your tutorial, use it for 4 hours as directed. Not happy? You’ll get a refund. See our full money back guarantee here.

We know you won’t find any program that compares to Play Attention. We are the industry leader and can do things other programs only wish they could do. This is because we hold 3 patents on our teaching method. We have another patent pending on our technology.

Play Attention is the only program available that integrates BodyWave technology, attention training, memory training, cognitive skill training, social skills training, motor skills training, and behavioral shaping into one comprehensive package. It’s Sheer Genius!

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